Buying or Renting

The Process Outlined

The London Property Finder provides a professional and personal approach. Our consultants will never take on more than two clients at any one time, ensuring the best service level is maintained. We aim to make the process of renting or buying your property as stress free and convenient as possible, taking the following steps:

Initial Consultation

The aim of this is to gain an understanding of what your requirements are. We will discuss location, size, preferred style, and budget for the property, along with the facilities and amenities that are important to you.

Location Advice (optional)

If you are not certain which area of London is right for you, we can help by introducing you to areas that fit in with your requirements. Part of this may include an orientation tour, to assist with your decision.

The Search

When we have established a clear picture of your desired property, we hunt through the entire market, selecting any potential property that could be suitable and view them on your behalf. We shall then compose a short-list of the best properties that match your requirements and the details surrounding each one.

Client Viewings

Once we have a shortlist, you will then select the properties you would like to see. Viewings are conducted at you convenience and should not take up too much of your time. Commonly the entire shortlist can be done in one day.


Once the ideal property is found, we will use our experience to conduct all negotiations on your behalf. As we are working for you unlike an estate agent, we will endeavour to secure the best price and hold the property off the market for you wherever possible. You will be advised on how to package your offer, as this can be crucial in securing the property.


When an offer has been accepted, we ensure an efficient completion, by liaising with agent or owner, solicitors and surveyors (for buyers only) on your behalf. Our fee is payable on contract exchange.


When Buying:
£ Fee (% of purchase price)
0 - 499,999 1.5
500,000 - 999,999 1.25
1M - 2M 0.95
Over 2M Upon Application

* If more than one property is required, a discount becomes applicable

When Renting:
Tenancy Term Fee**
6 months or more Equivalent to 4 weeks rent
Less than 6 months Equivalent to 1 weeks rent

A fixed rate can be given to corporate clients. Please contact us for more information.

** Minimum fee of £1500.00 and maximum fee of £4000.00 applies.